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Which are all the beautiful cities in Australia to visit?

Whenever you are planning a trip with your family members or friends to enjoy the holidays, then Australia is a nice and most beautiful country to visit. When you are considering this country for your vacation, there are a lot of attractions and most beautiful cities to visit. The tourist attractions are not only the main factor to visit Australia but the streets of the cities are also really great and stunning to enjoy your days and nights. The following are the top 5 Australian cities to visit and enjoy your vacation.Aussie Telephone Babe

Top 3 cities in Australia:

  • Sydney – It is the best and highly economical city which contains a lot of beautiful things and attractions to visit with your loved ones. Sydney has its all world class beaches and also the bumping nightlife for the people who would like to enjoy a lot. This city is completely surrounded by nature and beauty which can easily explore everything about Australia and its culture & architecture. The places in this city will definitely put you in a lot of fun and you can able to get the best adventurous experience here on the beaches of Sydney.
  • Melbourne – Nearly 40 % of Australia’s population is only living in this city. This Melbourne has earned the best reputation as the food and cultural capital of Australia. Melbourne has the most thriving arts scene showcases in order to provide the most European feel with the best music clubs, pubs, bars and etc.
  • Byron Bay – It is definitely the best city in Australia with a lot of adventurous activities. There, you can able to get the extraordinary surfing entertainment with dolphins.

Other top cities in Australia:

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  • Perth – Perth is an isolated city in Australia where you can see the friendly people with the best culture. It is actually the laid-back capital of Western This city is also considered as the fastest growing city in the country and is more cosmopolitan and multicultural city in the recent years.
  • Hobart – It is the prettiest city in Australia and it is highly guaranteed to obtain into the pint gulping contest with the wild-eyed and also VB swilling local singing & drinking toasts. Hobart is the most beautiful city which contains several numbers of the majestic attractions and also the world’s best beaches to enjoy your time better.

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