My footy coach and his wife had been having a few dramas of late. Her name was Alexis and I had always had a long-time dream of one day fucking her…
One night after training I was relaxing at home when Alexis appeared at the door, she explained that she had just had a fight with coach and asked if she could come in for a drink. Even though she appeared very upset she wore a tight red skirt which made her ass and Tits look incredible.
I invited her in and we shared a couple of beers on the couch while watching late night TV. After a while I realised that she was half wrapped all over me.
I put my hand on her leg and she looked at me in the eye. She smiled, then gave me a wet snog. Our tongues explored each others and I moved my hands up to her perky breasts. Alexis reached down to release the soldier in my pants. I was hard in an instant and she kept the blood in my cock by tugging up and down, she certainly knew what she was doing.
I opened her top up little to let her tits fall out, then sucked on her nipples. Alexis bent over and began mouthing my hot meat.
I couldn’t believe what was happening. I moved Alexis on to the carpet and started drilling her from behind. She couldn’t control her pleasure while I pounded her sweet snatch. My hairy sack slapped against her dripping pinkness as I buried Alexis’s face into the carpet. Finally, I pulled out my human power drill and watched it spurt all over her beautiful back. Alexis hiccupped, then staggered back home to her husband. We have never again spoke of that night and the coach is none the wiser.. I hope.

V Creary, Tarthra NSW

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