My best friend Renee took me out on a deep water fishing charter for my birthday. The weather was beautiful so everyone stripped down to their cossies and bikinis for a day of drinking and fishing.
I couldn’t keep my eyes off Renee’s amazing DD titties as we were casting our lines, and I could tell that she was trying to catch a glimpse of my perfectly manicured cunt as she baited up her hook.
“Oh yum, I love the smell of fish,” I giggled. “Me too, the smell turns me on and reminds me of your pussy!” Renee said. “How would you know?” I replied pretending to be offended.
Renee came up behind me and began playing with my nipples through my bikini top. I started to rub my fishing rod between her legs, it starting to get her juices flowing and making her moan loudly.
Everyone had stopped paying attention to their lines as Renee took off my microscopic bikini and shoved me down on the bench. She hopped up and positioned us into a 69er position so she could finally chow down on my tasty love porridge.
Renee really knows how to eat pussy, so I was in absolute heaven as I returned the favour by licking her now swollen love mound, sliding one finger into her little smoo and using another finger to gently push down on her bleached freckle.
Our loving, romantic licking soon spiraled into utter clit-flicking mayhem as she turned me on more and more. In the end, I had a fishing rod handle up her cute little bum as Renee sucked my little man in the boat until I came uncontrollably.
We would have kept going, but we had to finish up when the captain said we were going so hard we were in danger of falling over board. Renee thought he would be pissed off, but he said it was the best trip he’d ever had – and the massive boner that he had in his shorts told me he wasn’t lying.

Natalie, Bathurst NSW

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