When I am not having phone sex I usually spend most of my time in the gym or doing spin class. It means I’ve got an fit body that all the guys drool over but at the same time I don’t have time for a relationship.
Because of that I have allot of casual one night stands. So last week’s encounter at the gym makes this one particularly memorable. I had finished the most intense spin class and I was horny as hell. Like a bitch on heat when I looked behind the bench press to see Cameron. A sexy looking Viking look alike guy, standing there flexing with his shirt off.
He told me he was getting ready for his bench press and he needed my help to get him warmed up. I knew exactly what type of exercise he was talking about and I was only too happy to oblige. I strutted over and slipped my tongue straight down his throat. While wrapping my hands around his ever so strong ‘Human Dumbbell”. He dragged me into the change rooms. He couldn’t keep his hands off my tight and fit body.
While he was groping my arse and rubbing my love mound. He kept saying to me that he has wanted to sleep with me for weeks, ever since he saw me stretching before spin class. I didn’t have long before my next pump class, so I got down on my knees and sucked Cameron off until his knees buckled. I am delighted by how sweet his massive love missile tasted. I then pushed him on to the bench and climbed on top of him and rode his manhood as hard as I could.
Cameron put in one hell of a performance and. He was so strong and fit that he put a “Godzilla” like performance in and made me orgasm with ecstasy three times. I ended up being late for my pump class, I didn’t mind one little bit. From now on I always make sure that I meet Cameron a little bit earlier so I get pumped before pump class


Danielle, Dee Why NSW

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