As much as I love being a phone sex operator I often think back to when I had just returned from my holiday to tropical Thailand. I wanted to keep the rich, exotic tan that covered my whole body and big, perfect breasts, so I moved into a share house right on the beach.

Every day I would run along the beach in my tiny white bikini, keeping my long legs and tight arse toned and sexy, while maintaining the beautiful, rich colour of my glowing, smooth skin. Then to refresh myself I would take off my bikini top and body surf in the cool waves.

From day one I became aware of the gorgeous lifeguard, with flawless olive skin and abs that looked so cut they made me soaking wet. He was the main reason I needed to cool down after my runs. He would only ever be there on Saturdays so I made sure to never miss my routine that day. I would always notice him watching me out of the corner of my eye, but I was too shy to go and talk to him.

So as I lay in bed thinking about him one Monday morning I was becoming more and more turned on. I started squeezing my nipples, while slowly stroking my moistness. I could hear my housemates getting ready for work and was desperately waiting for them to leave so I could get out my new vibrator and really make some noise in my bedroom. The longer they took to leave, the more turned on I was becoming, but I wanted to cum as hard as I possibly could, so I continued to quietly tease and arouse myself. Finally the front door shut, but as I reached for my brand new toy, the doorbell rang.

Slightly annoyed, yet distracted from my pleasure, I went down to see who it was. And there, right before me, stood the lifeguard…but this time he was wearing tradesman shorts, with a sexy tool belt and a fitted black t-shirt, showing his big broad shoulders and smouldering biceps. I froze as he just stared back at me, neither one of us saying a word. Finally I contained myself and asked him why he was at my door. He said he was an electrician and our Landlord had told him to come and fix our broken heater. So that was why he was only ever on the beach on Saturdays. I became suddenly aware that I was wearing only my panties and see through negligee. And I knew from the way he was looking at me, he had noticed my erect nipples and the wetness between my legs.

There was no going back now, so without another word, I took his hand and lead him straight up to my bedroom. He pushed me down on the bed and tore off my panties. I opened my legs wide and just lay back as he chowed down on me like I was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. I screamed with ecstasy. Then it was his turn. I knelt down and undid his pants and to my delight I discovered his giant, throbbing manhood. I hungrily took his whole length in my mouth and took him to climax, greedily extracting every bit of his love juice.

We then collapsed in each other’s arms, only to wake up 3 hours later. Oops he was late for his next job. We decided he should come back the following Monday and ‘fix my heater’ again… I saw him on the beach that Saturday, knowing what was to come in the following days…. We just smiled at each other… It was our little secret..
Raven, Caloundra, QLD

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