The funniest client experience that I have ever had was one involving my own day-job boss. Funny, as in strange and moving, rather than laugh out loud. I was sitting on my couch gently touching my nipples through my sheer lace blouse, feeling them becoming erect as I softly grazed my long painted fingernails over them, with the phone by my side. I was waiting for my first caller of the day and getting myself in the mood for some verbal action.

Many people do not, quite, understand how powerful the human voice is when it comes to sex. The breath whispering down the line like steam from the bathroom. The deep vibration emanating from a man, as he shares his deepest darkest fantasies with me. I
sometimes just have to touch myself when I am on a call, in response to the sound of that voice at the other end of the line.

When my daytime boss Danny called me, not knowing that I did this kind of thing, not knowing about my line of work, I thought about immediately hanging up, but something stopped me. I disguised my own voice somewhat and asked him how he was doing. Danny shared with me that he hadn’t been able to have an orgasm for about six months and that he was getting desperate. I empathised with him and said some nice things about him; like that he had a lovely voice. He told me that he had split up with his girlfriend awhile ago because of the sexual thing; not being able to get it up properly.

As the call progressed he asked me what I was wearing right now and so I told him about my negligible lace covering over my breasts. My erect nipples were large and protruding through the sheer material. He told me he could imagine touching them with his fingers and his tongue. I was wet now and the longing in his voice made me squirm in my seat; my pelvis leaning out to meet him. Danny told me was getting harder, which was great because he hadn’t been able to; he was stroking it to the sound of my voice. My own brother was aroused by me, it was a strange pleasure. I told him I wanted to suck his big thing, to run my tongue around its tip and lick his shaft. A moment later he told me that I had made him cum. I had to masturbate myself then and there, before putting the phone down.

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Michele, Sydney NSW

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