Ive always loved role playing and anal sex, but my girlfriend of two years had never let me near her Cadbury canal. Nicole was convinced that it was dirty and wrong, even when we were role playing and I was dressed as a robber, she still wouldn’t let me anywhere near her tasty Cadbury Canal.
One night I was out at a bar drinking on my own after we’d had a big fight about the lack of anal sex in our relationship. Suddenly this gorgeous and slutty blonde came up and started dancing by my side. She was staring right at me and rubbing her her massive soft and sensual nungas, which certainly got my attention.
We started talking, then flirting and eventually kissing. She told me her name was Madison and she led me to the ladies toilet, where she tugged at my tockle and started slurping on my schlong until I was rock hard! She then ripped off her undies, bent over the toilet and pushed up against my rock hard man hood. I reached down and started to ease my ‘Human Paddle Pop Stick’ into Madison’s ‘Pink prize’, when to my delight she shook her head, turned around, winked at me and pulled my pecker out of her box and fed it straight up her ‘cake hole’.
It was like all my Christmases had come at once. I pumped away at her perfectly puckered butt hole like there was no tomorrow. I was having so much fun that we didn’t even realise that there was someone knocking on the toilet door.
Madison was smashing her clit and moaning really loudly, and the harder we fucked the harder the knocking became. Finally we came in perfect synchronization and collapsed in a big sweaty pile on the floor.
Security escorted us out to a whole lot of cheering and raised glasses, and on the way back to Madison’s house for a repeat session I text Nicole to tell her that unless your anally mine then there is no point being together any longer.
I never did see Nicole after that night and I have continued my everlasting pursuit of anal perfection….

C Bealey Bali

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