I’m not afraid to admit that my Girlfriend Iydi is the one who wears the pants in our relationship. So generally whatever she says goes. Just recently I had returned home after spending the past six months traveling with friends throughout south America. Before departing on my adventure she made me promise not to have a wank or even dare look at another South American Chika while I was away. I knew this was not going to be easy, but I knew I could do it, because as much as I loved her I was even more scared of how much trouble I would get into if I didn’t do what she wanted.
The day finally came and I hadn’t touched my dick once. I’d had to ignore countless stiffies and filthy thoughts throughout my trip. It felt as if my ball bag was about to explode.
Iydi picked me up from the airport, gave me a big kiss, grabbed me by my aching balls and said “You have’nt been playing with these while Ive been gone have you?” I nervously replied “no”. “Good you better not have. Now let’s go I have a surprise for you.” She replied.
We finally got back to my place, Iydi led me into my bedroom and told me to get naked and to wait patiently. She soon returned dressed in the skimpiest piece of lingerie which truly showed off all her assets. She looked so hot and I wanted to fuck her really bad. She took my sensitive schlong to her mouth and began to slurp down on it ever so gently. I was so close to exploding but I refused to give in – I’d been saving this load for months, so I was determined to make the most of it.
Soon Iydi propped herself up on all fours and invited me to drill away at her perfectly manicured love pudding. I hammered away at her tight little smoo as hard as I could, she was loving every pump and begging me for more . Every few minutes I had to slow down to stop myself from soaking the room in baby batter. But every time I slowed down she screamed at me “harder Steve, faster Steve”. I managed to keep my shit together long enough to get her rocks off first. As she was quivering on all fours she turns around and says “Now its your turn”.
Iydi again knelt between my legs and went down on me while she wanked me off with both hands. After a few seconds, I came – and it felt enormous! It was like a high pressure hose clearing out everything in its path. Although she did her best to gob the lot, it wasn’t enough to stop her from being covered with my love jizz from head to toe.
It made my six months of torture more than worth it.

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