After a recent break up and a long time sex drought I decided to sign up to a dating site. Within in minutes I had dozens of men trying to hit on me. On my profile pics I put heaps of slutty images up of me showcasing my long legs, big tits and pretty smile. So I guess I don’t blame them, what’s not to like?
Amongst all the messages in my inbox, two in particular stood out from the rest and they were both from guys called Jackson. One Jackson appeared witty, smart and charming, but his profile pics were not so flattering. So I decided to pass on him for the time being.
The other Jackson was as dumb as dog shit, but he had a body to die for and a “pussy tingling smile”. I chatted to both them before deciding to invite the hot Jackson out to dinner and drinks.
I was so nervous when I turned up at the restaurant, and amazingly shocked when the ugly Jackson turned up instead of the hot one. I double checked my phone and realised that I had invited the wrong Jackson by mistake. Shit!
I sat back in my chair praying that none of my friends would see me with this ugly little gremlin. As the night went on I sculled my wine secretly hoping that the more I drank the cuter he may look. It started to work, I slowly started to fall for his personality and his gremlinish charm. The only hick-up was that he forgot his wallet, and that I had to pay for dinner. He apologised and said “If you come home with me, I promise I will make it up to you.” At this stage I was so drunk and horny I couldn’t care less how much of a tight ass he was.
When we got back to his place we sat on the lounge and started kissing, his hands were caressing me all over. Within seconds my top was off and my skirt was around my ankles, it was like magic. To my surprise the magic had only just begun..
He was an absolute wizard with his tongue and fingers; he made me orgasm several times over. I was gushing like a fire hydrant. The real surprise came soon after when he took his pants off. My god he had a weapon on him that deserved its own post code! I could barely fit it in my mouth let alone try and put it inside my “long time out of the game smoo”.
Anyway Ugly Jackson found a way to make it work. He had heaps of energy and pumped away at me aggressively like a well-oiled piston all night, not before dumping his load all over my face, tits and back. He was amazing.
The very next night I decided to go out with the sexy Jackson. As it turned out he was a terrible root with a small cock. I was so disappointed. From now on I am sticking to the ugly gremlins, way more fun.
Sarah, Perth, WA

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