I was spending the odd weekend away at our holiday house doing some work while the wife and kids stayed at home. When my neighbour John was about we always managed to get a bit of fishing in. We were enjoying a beer at the end of the day after a long afternoon on the boat when his wife Olivia and her two friends Amy and Bridget joined us.
Olivia had enjoyed a fair amount of wine and was a bit tipsy. She stood up and nearly fell back down again, so I steadied her and managed to grab a hand full of tit as I did so. John laughed and said “that if I didn’t take my hand off his wife’s tit soon that I would then have to fuck her.” Olivia then grabbed my hand and clutched it to her chest. I grinned and said “that’s fine with me.”
Olivia led me to their bedroom, leaving John, Bridget and Amy to their own sex session.
Olivia unhooked her dress and let it fall to the floor. Her full firm breasts were the proud home of two very stiff nipples that were standing to attention like the Queen Guard. I sucked on them immediately and must have buried my head into them for at least fifteen minutes.
Olivia then stripped off my clothes and took my cock in her mouth. While cradling my balls she worked her magic tongue along the full length of my shaft as I gently pushed deeper inside her mouth ever so often letting out a slight gag and choke of pleasure.
She then got up, turned around and begged me to take her from behind. I obliged and slowly eased my love rod into her quivering mound of love pudding. As she moaned and groaned with pleasure I started picking my tempo up soon giving her the full length of my shaft, the moans and groans turned into full blown screams of ecstasy.
As I nailed Olivia with conviction, I glimpsed outside to see John chock a block balls deep up Bridget while Amy was fingering herself, waiting for her turn looking on.
It was good times had by all that night as the fun had only just begun, as John and I fucked all three girls until the early hours of the next day.

S Strangler, Dee Why, NSW

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