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$4.50 per min GST inc. Maybe higher from mobile/pay phones.

Discovering the top 5 emerging mobile phone technologies in 2018

From the keypad phone to the Apple iPhone, the mobile technology has been continuously advancing at the highest pace. There are new features and options introduced every day by the mobile manufacturers and app developers for the smartphone users. All of such exciting technologies and facilities of the smartphone make everyone easier to communicate, learn many things on your mobile device, do business and etc. The following are the top rated and emerging mobile phone technologies of this year.

Top 3 smartphone technologies:Aussie Telephone girl

  • Wifi phones – Nowadays, each and every phone is coming with the wifi connectivity which is the technology to connect your mobile to a particular internet port or modem. These types of wifi phones have an ability to free you from the need to count minutes or remaining data. You are completely free to use the wifi network to access the World Wide Web without hassle.
  • Mobile augmented reality – With the augmented reality technology, a smartphone has become an all-in-one portable mobile device in order to handle all of your communication & entertainment needs. This technology ties together the accelerators, internet and also GPS to cover up the digital details in the real world.
  • Open Source mobile phones – Now, you can see truly open source mobile phone which can provide so many services at just a fraction of the cost. The main benefits of this open source technology are improved features, greatest compatibility and also the lowest prices.

Other top-rated phone technologies:

  • Mobile payment – In the current days, all your necessary payments could be possible on just your mobile phone which is smarter. The smartphones allow everyone to pay or transfer money instantly from any of your credit line or bank account. This mobile payment technology is essentially used for the individual money transfers and also the small businesses who will not accept the credit cards.
  • Tactile feedback – It is nothing but the newly imposed technology in the I phone which is really very helpful by creating the touch screen which feels and also reacts when you are typing on it. This tactile feedback is definitely the best technology which is being explored by the mobile phone developers for getting the next generation of phones to the mobile market.

All these phone technologies are really great and enjoyable for the smartphone users with all new facilities.Meet the Girls

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